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“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” John Dewey

As aspiring, new, or even long-term leaders, we should practice what we teach and preach: model an open learning posture for our learning organizations. We must continually educate ourselves, rekindle our passion, hone our knowledge of best educational practices, and deepen our wisdom. Everything comes into play when you are in a leadership role. The wider the range of capacities we develop, the more we are able to enter the flow of our work, avoiding the undertow that robs us of energy and direction.

Reaching out to a mentor or consultant is a sign of your commitment to growth and excellence in service to your schools and to the budding generations of young people you serve.

The recent pandemic has shown educators something we have always known—we are irreplaceable. No computer program, however advanced, no simulated reality, however engaging, can replace the educational impact of interactions in a welcoming, human-filled environment. Whether as a student, teacher, or CEO, we learn best through real-life experiences, meaningful relationships, and when we focus on transferable learning goals.

As your consultant or mentor, I will go on the journey with you, short or long, to support and encourage you. I can help you with services ranging from resolving personal leadership dilemmas to implementing effective school improvement initiatives or preparing for accreditation.

How can I be of service to you?


In my thirty years in international education, I have majored in administrative problem-solving and turning things around under challenging circumstances. I have mentored teachers to become department heads, Principals, and Teaching and Learning Coordinators. Both new and seasoned directors consult with me on a range of issues, from choosing the best cafeteria service or negotiating a contract with the Board to developing moral and social-emotional programs and services.

One of the best ways to use my services is as a mentor—an experienced and trusted adviser. I will help you develop and implement strategies to face and cope with the challenges you feel uncomfortable discussing with anyone else—those adverse and complex situations that keep you awake at night.


I have decades of experience working with accreditation readiness preparation and can help you design an approach that works best for your school and staff. In addition, I can provide insight and support as you develop your leadership team and strive to make your vision and the passion it inspires come alive and transform your school.

Professional Background

Lisa Perskie Rodriguez served as the Executive Director of School of the Nations, a Bahá’í-inspired, N-12, bilingual, international school in Brasilia, Brazil, from 2004 to 2022. Previously, she was Middle School Principal at the American School of Guatemala and Director of Colegio Panamericano in Bucaramanga, Colombia, S.A. Her background includes experience as an Elementary and Pre-School Principal and Elementary teacher. She has thirty years of experience in international education.


Ms. Perskie holds an MA in Educational Administration from Plymouth State College, New Hampshire, a Specialization in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Elementary School from the Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia, S.A., and a BA Degree from Hamilton College in Art History. During college, she studied in a one-year Art History program through Syracuse University in Italy. After earning her BA, she pursued postgraduate studies in Art History at Indiana University with a concentration in pre-renaissance art. In addition, she holds a technical degree in commercial photography and is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


She has served on ten Cognia/Advanced Team accreditation visits to schools in Brazil, the US, Honduras, Colombia, and Paraguay.

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