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Spring Rehearsal

Spring Rehearsal


Birds chirping in rehearsal for spring

Bravely sweet as winter thaws, 

and the grey film of unended winter

still covers the chilled earth.


Who am I to ask for proof 

from the bones of trees

that they will rebirth

in flower, fruit, and fragrance. 

Who am I to test 

if life has given me enough

its bounty not apparent 

in the way I see and ask

in layers of unbelief, downcast


Whether I sideline myself 

In lack of wonder

about how drizzle transforms 

to sparkling dew-light

and buried bulbs into daffodil trumpets

its gifts are always emerging,

its beauty is the outcome of being

strong and pure, true to its essence,

bravely sweet -trusting what is

hidden but emerging. 


By Lisa Perskie



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