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Dear Emily,

Thanks for defining the

elusive beauty and enduring power

of hope

Life is more complicated now

yet essence is a melody

connecting us across worlds

Hope perches in my soul

at the oddest of times

a gleam in a tear

from an unexpected

act of kindness

It’s an inkling of a dream

that dares peak through

a crack in the ground

of an under-trodden soul

the surprise of a tulip’s

tipsy red cup pushing color

Into spring

Hope is not earned

in diplomas, titles and roles

or collected in treasure chests

but a choice of what to do with things

and without things

Hope is unclutching from self

daring to let go and

tumble down a tunnel

knowing that light

will appear if we fall towards

God’s hands

It’s persevering not waiting

striving not acquiescing

Hope is not a sitting pond

but a stream seeking its source

Emily send me some hope

from the next world

we can give this to each other

across time and space

be each others spring.


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