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Black Holes and the Future

Wonder itself has exploded

in a noiseless big bang

as we discover entire new galaxies

and somehow it- slipped us

that now we could see a massive black hole

if we were only looking

for what we were not sure of

through a backyard telescope

A black hole, an inscrutable black

plate- circled in a halo of gas light-

born of obliterated stardom

collapsed stellar mass

or collisions of other black holes,

forming a world of-insucking death

Hell has no fury like its implacable appetite

its mouth an event horizon

dragging space time into

a cosmic whirlpool

stretching celestial bodies

into spaghetti

before churning them

in its mindless viral gut

fiercer than a billion tornados

devouring whole stars

to a place-space-drained of time

where no light, no remains emerge

no traces, no forgiveness

An outer space Shiva

that exits to destroy

and merge with other destroyers

killing planets that adore suns

and then the suns themselves

Yet, the biggest black hole is faraway

by a few billion light years

giving us time, precious space

to expand our mental outreach

seek hope in the brightest stars and

wheel-spinning galaxies-

to explore the universe

of our hearts and souls

for new solutions

and discover how black holes become

worm holes that don’t devour

but act as swirling tunnels

channeling travel through space and time

delivering sky-bodies to distant reaches of the universe

connecting what never connected before

We have time to learn

to save the earth, ourselves

and figure out what we to do with

our own light and darkness

on earth and in heaven


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