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How do you tend the garden of your heart?

Clear your heart

from brambling fear

and the hardness

of unyielding thoughts

opening the loamy

terrain for tender

shoots of hope

that will, yes they will arise

into promising blossoms

and ever mighty trees

harboring your life

Gather seeds from

the gnarled-

wisdom laden trees

fruitful with the fragrance of love-

seeds worthy of endless generation

dedicated to Godly veneration

Do you let your garden go?

or fancifully imagine it

with silver bells and cockle shells

and fairy tale wishes-

that do not grow?

Your soul garden is God’s trust

for a life of abundance

a bestowal to you

and a source of renewal

to others

water it with kindness

and weed it from

snakes that snare its

roots and fruits

Tend all worthy seeds

in their yearning

to reach towards the sun

and flourish in beauty

and future strength

Celebrate every tiny curl

of feathery growth.

All begins and ends so humbly.


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