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Snow is Coming

Late fall

peeling layers

the last filaments of dead leaves

floating down like embers

from charcoal trees.

Fall is falling

revealing the sky

stern and meaning business

Puffy cauliflower clouds

went south with the birds

leaving bygone memories

of buttery yellow and beach blue.

The promise and threat of snow

smoky clouds amassing

haunching over the horizon

as they get ready to drop

millions of crystals

who fall softly

as if they didn't have

pointy frozen edges.

the birth of flakes is their death

between sky and earth

they gently dazzle

before becoming

muffled in drifts

soft hills turning into

mass graves of white

where no one discovers

their six- sided identities

their sharp and clear shapes.

Sometimes 'we' old people

are snowed away

grouped by our season of life

lost in the cold and soft

the obliterating quiet

of drift homes

where the memories of being

once brilliant snow-stars

with many episodes of life

are buried in white.

Photograph by Jana Perskie


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