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Stars and Magnitude

Stars and Magnitude

Star so bright I wonder why

we only follow the twinkling

of the suns we can see

so easily, with no inkling

of the magnitude of the universe

We celebrate its vastness

but limit its dimensions-

giving Latin names to

floating constellations

organized by connecting dots

in our frame for the sky-

stopping short to imagine beyond

We group and contain the contents of our heaven

to condensed readings of time and scope

sheltering our minds with snapshots

that minimize eternity

and fear of the unknown

We make an inexhaustable wonder

fit the universe we want to

know and love.

Oh my goodness, a lot more

is happening above!

Stars are everywhere

and it’s time to see

that the universe is filled with

more suns than sands on a beach

existing to give life

to planets and people

holding us enthralled

in their magnetic arms

while spinning us in space

We are made from stars

but given a light

that will shine through eternity

a life where death will magnify

the potency of our inner essence.

Let us not flatmap

our lives

but envision

our eternal journey

Let us wonder at the universe

within and without in awe of

the magnitude of God’s grace.


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