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When the Meek Inherit the Earth

May the time come soon

when the meek inherit the earth

when a human’s inner worth

is the gold currency of merit

earned in immutable deeds,

When leaders are no longer populist madmen

spawning propaganda from media pulpits

and the people their screaming puppets,

When the humble in colors of the earth

red, ochre, brown, and black

long oppressed for skin or place of birth

bloom forth in all possibilities

and ascend

to the thrones of power

held by those hardened

by self-interest and supremacy

turning them into seats of justice

where the rule of law is imbued with

the rule of love

where power is harnessed to service

and service to unity in diversity.

When people no longer need to migrate

because every spot on earth

will be home

an oasis for those who thirst

a haven for the weak and infirm

When the right to own guns

Is surpassed by the desire

to nurture life in all its forms

and acts of kindness are the measure of progress

When children are safe

from the womb to the classroom

and schoolgirls are not poisoned for

learning and speaking their minds

When women wear their hair

as birds their feathers

curly or straight, flying free

or covered by choice, proudly

When workers from fields to factories

are not reduced to ghosted existence

life-sentenced in the confines of scarcity

and bare subsistence

When a good economy no longer means

wealth is earned from the sweat of many

for the few to be remembered and rewarded

When all forms of slavery are abolished

like plagues against humanity.

And those who resist- lost to insanity.

When the “meek” will turn

the tides

of prejudice and war

into the calm and collaboration of peace

with the unifying forces of justice

May the meek remain meek

to uphold the world we seek

May the meek inherit the earth

as promised


Painting: Oil by Natalya Doudell.


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