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Who guards the gate?


Who guards the gate?

at the threshold of your heart

who do you summon?

as day closes

into thickest night

wrapping the enemy

on the blind road

to assault

hurtling towards you

hoping to whirl through

a swinging door

of insult

wearing a cape of

envy and opposition

vanity and threat

How has the intruder overcome you

careening over delicate hopes

leaving fragments of once-formed thoughts

Claim your holy space

believe the voice

that hovers and shivers

in the corner of your soul

too timid to claim its right to be

heard, seen, and loved

Dare to create the gate

laced with steely light

and guards who mirror

shame to cowards in the night

Face forward -moon bold

reflecting reality

armed with word-swords

secret and spoken

that deflect lies

dissolve cloaks

dispel mists and mysteries

revealing faces

showing truth

How the marauders disappear

when the castle gate is closed

bidden by you

its queen and mistress

guardians appear

impassive but imposing

wielding calm unyielding force

opening or closing- a shield or a door

make your boundaries ever secure


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